Moving Home: How to redirect your mail December 20, 2018

Follow this guide if you are moving home and want to ensure you’ve redirected your mail properly. There are few things in the world that would focus one’s attention more keenly on the amount of mail you get, both legitimate and of the spam variety, than getting ready to move. Thankfully the Royal Mail has a service that will redirect your mail to your new address for a no fuss no muss solution.


In today’s society we needs must jealously guard our identities from various hucksters and a plethora of evil doers intent on using us for their nefarious activities. Having full control of your mail and private correspondence is very important.


Royal Mail needs at least 5 working days’ worth of notice to arrange a Redirection. That said you can apply for the Redirection up to 3 months before your actual move or 6 months after your moving date. It pays to have the Redirection set up in advance. You can redirect your mail to a UK or even an overseas address for 3, 6 or 12 months for a fee for each different last name. To set up the redirection you will need the following:

– Names and dates of birth of everyone in the household that needs their mail redirected
– address and postcode of both your old and new addresses.


You have three options when setting up your Redirection. You can either set up the Redirection online (this method is probably the least troublesome), by Mail or at your local Post Office. Word to the wise, always work through Royal Mail themselves rather than some third party. The Redirection service is only provided for mail which Royal Mail delivers to your door.


Online: You can only post online applications for a maximum of eight people. If you’re moving more than eight you will have to visit an actual post office. Step one: Register on the Royal Mail website as a customer if you haven’t already. Your payment card must be registered at your old address. If it is registered at your new address Royal Mail will ask a few more security questions. The entire process is completed online and paid for online.



Via Post: Download, print and fill in the application form, Collect proof of identity documents (they must be originals, which will be returned to you). Send Identification for each person with a different last name. There is a list of appropriate proof of identity documents available from the Royal Mail site. You can only pay by cheque for this method, you will need to send a separate cheque for each different last name. Post the completed form, cheque/s to the address indicated on the website. They will send you a confirmation letter.


Post Office: Download, print and fill in the application form, Collect proof of identity documents (they must be originals, which will be returned to you).Take the application form, proof of identity and payment to your nearest Post Office. They will still send a confirmation letter to your old address.


Keep in mind, it may take a little longer for your mail to reach you, since it will be sent to the old address’ sorting office first and then sent on to the new address. Now you can tick this off your checklist – thanks to Man And Van Services by Anytime Removals.

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Top Eco-Friendly Products July 31, 2018

The world that we live in now has become heavily polluted. With the rising levels of global warming and excessive waste generation, it is high time that we consider thinking of alternatives that prevent any further degradation and ensure sustainable living to the future generations. With this in mind, you can come across a wide range of eco-friendly products, such as those from, that aim at reducing waste generation and pose no threat to the overall environment.

The term “eco-friendly” simply implies something that is friendly to the environment and causes no harm to the surroundings. The benefits of making use of eco-friendly products are not just centered around the overall health and well-being of the planet, but also ensures the top-notch health and well-being of your family and future generations. While searching, you can come across a wide range of eco-friendly products that ensure multiple benefits to both the users and the entire planet. Here are some top eco-friendly products you can consider making use of:

  • Reusable Coffee Cups: The reusable coffee cups or eco cups are something that is gaining immense importance in the recent times. Offering high rigidity and increased convenience, more people across the world are now using reusable coffee cups to promote waste minimization. The reusable coffee cups are usually made out of paper and provided support with a light lining of plastic. The savings achieved out of reusable coffee cups are significant both for your wallet as well as the environment.

  • Clothing: You can come across several companies out there offering eco-friendly clothing. This clothing is typically made out of reusable or recycled materials which are highly cost-effective to enhance the overall sales. Most of the eco-friendly manufacturers also make use of the organic materials that do not pose any threat to the environment. By eliminating the use of dyes and minimizing chemical, water, and energy usage, you can consider making use of eco-friendly clothing on a daily basis.


  • Reusable Bags: It can be immensely burdensome to the environment each time you buy items from the market in plastic bags. Plastic decomposes over the period of hundreds of years and is the main cause of several types of pollution happening around in the environment. Thus, to reduce your individual plastic consumption and waste generation, you can think about carrying along reusable bags made out of eco-friendly materials. There are several companies out there that offer recycled bags including shopping bags, trash bags, and sandwich bags to promote sustainability all over.


  • Cleaning Products: The cleaning products that we make use of on a daily basis usually contain a wide range of harmful chemicals and products that harm the environment around us. Harsh cleaning products including chemicals, bleaches, antibacterial soaps, and all-purpose cleaners are all highly risky products that you make use of both inside as well as outside the home. You can search for organic, environment-friendly cleaning products that cause no harm to the surroundings.


Make use of these eco-friendly products to save the planet!

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Guttering for UK Homes January 7, 2017

UK home owners are becoming increasingly conscious about the design and look of their homes. With many older homes, one of the things that need to be replaced is the gutters. One of the best options I’ve found recently is that of aluminium guttering. They can be finished to suit almost any style and design […]

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Environmental Consultancy At Its Best July 31, 2016

I have recently been working closely with Danny over at Adeptus who is one of the best in the field of environmental consultancy. Providing a whole host of services from phase 1 desk study environmental reports to risk assessments, contaminated land surveys and monitoring. Do you have a requirement for environmental consultants? Then Adeptus is […]

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