Health Hazards of Drying Clothes Indoors and How to Avoid Them

In a study carried out in 2012, it showed that drying clothes in the home on drying racks or radiators poses a potential health risk to those that are more prone to asthma, hay fever and allergies due to the increased amount of moisture held in the air. The result of more moisture in the air means that there are more spores and therefore an increase in potential dust mite growth and mould.

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The study in question that was carried out by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit in Glasgow shows that from over 100 homes included in the study, almost 90% dried their clothes inside when the weather was cold. This as mentioned above, raised moisture levels by up to 30%. A key fact here is that with just one average load of washing that will emit almost two litre of moisture into the air within your home!

The study also revealed that around 75% of the homes had moisture levels high enough to support the growth of spores and dust mites which are linked to asthma conditions and infections in the lungs. Additionally, those with a lowered immune system can be more susceptible to infections when living in such environments.

How to limit the moisture within your home

Ideally, dry your clothes outdoors, but if it is raining or too cold outside then the next best option is to dry them inside in a laundry room or bathroom with the door shut. A ventilated room is also ideal, typically one with an extractor fan or window that is open. Also, it is best to spread your clothes washing throughout the week instead of one bulk load and then trying to dry them all at once. Other considerations would be to purchase a portable dehumidifier, air conditioner or tumble dryer.

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