Refrigerator – How To Repair Common Problems

Your fridge is a valuable part of your home because it stores foods at colder temperatures, thus prolonging the lifespan of them. We can all appreciate cold foods and drink on a hot day, but this isn’t going to be possible when there’s a problem with your device. To try and remedy this, we’re going to take a look at some of the common issues you may encounter with your fridge, and how you can fix them.

When the icemaker does not work

If you have a fridge which creates ice, then it can often stop working, and in that instance, you either get tiny ice cubes or none at all. First, you should remove the part of the machine that creates ice, making sure you’ve unplugged it before you do anything to the inside of the fridge. What you should do first is to check the inlet tube for ice. This is because when the water pressure is low, you’ll find that the water can trickle down the pipe, freeze and create ice, which blocks the flow of water. Alternatively, it is a problem with the saddle valve. This is the part of the icemaker which is connected to the mains water supply in the property to bring water into the fridge in the first place. The needle hole in this part of the icemaker can sometimes be clogged, so it’s worth checking and cleaning out.

When the fridge does not cool anything

If your refrigerator does not cool down anything, then it is a somewhat pointless device. The first thing you should do is to check the temperature gauge. If it reads as being lower than usual, then you just need to turn it back up. It is sometimes the case that moving items of food in the fridge has altered the temperature, or someone has knocked it or moved it, an occurrence which small and curious hands are often responsible for. You should also check the condenser coils and clean them if they are dirty, as they are a critical component for the fridge to cool down foods and drinks. You should check this part of your fridge every year to ensure a constant standard of efficiency, however people with shedding animals should check it even more frequently than that, with every six months being an acceptable time frame.

Overall, these are just a few of the common problems which you’ll find in your fridge on a daily basis. If you can repair them yourself, then you can potentially save some of the foods and the drinks, and you can also save yourself time and money, especially if there’s a waiting list for someone to come and take a look at it and they charge a significant amount of money. The majority of problems you can solve yourself, with the notable exceptions being things like waterlogged electrics. These aren’t components you can fix, as the system will have been short-circuited, therefore that is an occasion for which you’ll need to consult with a professional to Los Angeles appliance repair or replace yourself if you know what you’re doing.

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